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How we set up runtime type checking for our TypeScript application

TypeScript is one of the most favourite language for Devs. As everything that is good, it too have some flaws. We take runtime type-checking for today and see how we at Vaya found a solution to get better at it.

Hemachandran G
15 March 2023
4 min read

How We Think About Small Businesses at Vaya

We started to build Vaya inspired by the people who own and operate small businesses (SBs) as I wrote about in my last post. But inspiration is rarely enough to build a company around. We needed to think hard about what we could actually do. We also needed to better understand what SBs are like as a group and what challenges they face.
Soham Sen
02 March 2023
5 min read

Why we at Vaya care about Small Businesses

Why small businesses? The question inevitably comes with a quizzical expression probing whether there is some web3 or blockchain angle in there somewhere. After two years of building Vaya and explaining what we do at interviews, investor meetings, family dinners and the occasional cocktail party, I can now see that look coming: why focus on small businesses of all things?
Soham Sen
02 Feb 2023
3 min read

The Embedded Lending Value Chain

Credit is a complex transaction. Just dig a layer underneath it and you witness the interweaving of many different entities that make a single transaction happen.In the previous post, we built the business case for a platform to embed credit. They facilitate the ‘pull point’ that initiates an instance of a borrower applying for credit.

17 May 2021
5 min read

The Embedding Business Case - Platform Edition

In the previous posts, we covered the ‘4Ps framework of Embedding’ and how the businesses considering ‘embedding’ can think about ‘Product Market Fit in Embedded Finance’.

26 March 2021
3 min read

Emb.F[x] and what's coming next

Software ate the world. It permeates every walk of our life today. It is truly intertwined with everything we do and surfaces wherever we go. We must ask ourselves; has it grown to support us and improve quality of life as expected in every sense or has it grown unencumbered like a wild weed in some ways and is in need of pruning?

10 March 2021
6 min read
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Embedded finance

If you’d like to learn more about embedded finance, you can start your exploration with the following:
Bain Capital’s Report on Embedded Finance which follows their earlier two part series on the same topic: Part 1 and Part 2
Redpoint Ventures’s two part series on embedded fintech: Part 1 and Part 2
SciFi VC’s take on embedded lending
A16Z on the importance of financial infrastructure